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According to Boonn, contemporary art is constantly referential to what was once original / unique. Society's technological advancement resulted in a great shift in media representation and accessibility. Original art works that were once one of a kind, can now be copied and "owned" by anyone with a internet connection. The idea of technological advancement being the main contributor for the movement of contemporary art, inspired me to create photoshop collages that visually represented that idea.

Not only do the pieces contain referential imagery for what is considered "traditional art", but it also contains the technology that allows its accessibility and evolution. Consider the following images, a visual confrontation between modernity and "tradition".

I also think it's intriguing of how much our technology encourages creative interpretation and personalization even of imagery that doesn't "belong" to us. Technology seems to serve its users above all others, allows creative freedom and accessibility to its users.

I combined the following images:

1. PollockCircuit: (No.5, 1948 by Pollock & a circuit board)


2. MonaPixel: (Mona Lisa by DaVinci & Apple Logo w/Lightning & Female Cyborg)


3. AppleKiss: (The Kiss by Klimt & "Apple Vortex" & "Circuitry" & "Technology Wallpaper")


4. InternetWave: (The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai & Light Tech & Wiki Article on the Internet)


5. StarryParis: (Starry Night by Van Gogh & "Paris Skyline")

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