Seth Price - found footage example

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All of Seth Price's videos on his youtube channel seem to be essentially "music videos."  Most of them use found footage.  This one has a narrative.

Check out his website:

I've known about this artist for a while, but I didn't know about the texts he's written until last week.  The only one I've read so far is called "Dispersion."  I recommend taking a look!

Also here's another Peggy Ahwesh video.  She uses Tomb Raider footage which is interesting to look at now, 11 years later.

Do you think this vimeo account was created and is maintained by Ahwesh?  Or a fan perhaps?

Seems weird to me that such a well known artist would have a vimeo account and not post this stuff on a real website.  I guess I'm surprised they are available online in general.

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