Room for Heirs

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Room for Heirs

"Room for Heirs" is an album based on John Mayer's "Room for Squares." The album, however, is related to Mayer's indirectly; rather than listening to "Room for Squares" and learning the music, I used lyrics and guitar tablature made available online by Mayer's fans (for example, at ) to create new songs. Thus "Room for Heirs" recreates its model's lyrics, harmonic structure, and form to the degree that the online transcriptions do. In other respects, such as melody, instrumentation, and general style, "Room for Heirs" is bound to diverge from its source, as I have never heard "Room for Squares."

Lyrics and tablature sites are interesting sources of information. In most cases, they're only accessed when the user knows already is familiar with the song searched for. It's generally impossible to learn a song solely from an online guitar tab or chord sheet; aside from any errors in transcription, the tabs rarely indicate precise rhythms, so that only if you know the sound of a song do the notes fall into place. With "Room to Heirs" I chose to embrace this ambiguity.

"Room for Heirs" is a work in progress - ultimately I intend to create a new version of each "Room for Heirs" song and to make them available online. In addition, I'm looking into the possibility of overdubbing Mayer's music videos with my songs and placing them on Youtube. For now, my interpretations of two of the hits from "Room for Squares" are available below, as are links to the original songs.

John Mayer: No Such Thing (Youtube music video)

Jared Arnold: No Such Thing (mp3)

John Mayer: Your Body Is a Wonderland (Youtube video)

Jared Arnold: Your Body Is a Wonderland (mp3)

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