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By definition: To be stupid is to be unintelligent – to have the lack of ability to understand concepts and make rational decisions. In Stupidity by Avital Ronell we are introduced to the concept and nature of stupidity/what it means to be stupid and it’s definition by Nietzsche. Nietzsche estimates stupidity as what is responsible for discipline and education, the agency and reasoning by, which we choose to obtain knowledge. While some may say that in society stupidity is generally considered to be non-threatening or non-pervasive, it is highly criticized.

Through reading Ronnel and Nietzsche, Stupidity can be described as something that we as the educated group are actually all earnestly afraid of. While every individual in the world has “stupid,” moments of “not knowing,” something - Stupidity has become the antithesis of seriousness. We ignore the reality that we are all at certain points, “stupid.” When one is dubbed/considered to be stupid, one is no longer serious or taken seriously. Society tells us that “the perpetually stupid” will not go far, and cannot/will not achieve anything, but that stupidity is within us all.-As Ronnel states “stupidity can body-snatch intelligence, disguise itself, or, indeed, participate in the formation of certain types of intelligence which tend to be confused...I made a stupid mistake,” in order to adjudicate a lapse in responsible thinking. To example the extreme limit of such responsibility."

When is Stupidity excusable? Don't we all have stupid moments?

In the Fall of 2007, former American Idol Star, Kellie Pickler, arrived on set to be a contestant of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. 

She was asked to participate in a Celebrity Edition of the game show by playing to win money for the charity of her choice. Winning a total of $25,000, Pickler's appearance on the game show has become infamous.

When asked by the show's host Jeff Foxxworthy, ""Budapest is the capital of what European country?".
Pickler answered: "This might be a stupid question… I thought Europe was a country?"
When informed by Foxxworthy that Europe is a continent
Pickler answered: "They speak french right?"

Followed by a series of odd exchanges between the host and the former American Idol Alum, Pickler's "stupidity" is quickly labeled by Foxxworthy as notably "female."

Foxxworthy comments on Pickler's inability to answer the question as "what a woman does".

Though Pickler was saved by her 5th grade classmate/game show comrade, Pickler's lack of knowledge about world geography has been publicly scrutinized as that of a "dumb blonde" or of a "stupid bitch".

While Picker's response is not excusable, why has it been labeled "female"? What are the consequences for a "stupid" comment made by a female rather than male?

Pickler's "stupid" comment labels her as "stupid"?

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