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OpenCube is an interactive and participatory video installation; it was available to be modified by users online, either at consoles next to the project or via the website from anywhere in the world. The installation was performed on the Main Green of Brown University and at

Our Mission

      We live in a society full of digital intermediaries, where the Internet can provide the solution to every problem imaginable. Yet the Internet remains an incomprehensible virtual space with little foundation in reality. Much of our virtual activity leaves the physical space around us untouched. We set out to ask: "What would happen if we could see the effects of our Internet activity in real space?" OpenCube attempts to bridge this gap between the digital space that exists in the virtual world and the physical space that we experience in reality. In exploring these two prominent spheres of interactivity, OpenCube takes place both online and in reality.

Our crew constructed a 10' x 10' x 10' room on the Main Green of Brown University. The cube had no roof. The space was complete with furniture, pictures, paint, etc but began largely undecorated. We se tup a live webcam that filmed the room from above (through the hole where the roof would be) and tracked all of the changes realized by the OpenCube crew. Spectators interacted with the space and commanded its modification through the OpenCube website. While on the site, the spectators saw two live webcam feeds of the space and were able to enter text commands, live changes they wished to be enacted. The commands were then be sent via text message to the OpenCube crew, who then realized the commands. For example, if the text command read "Splash gray paint on the south wall", then the crew splashed paint on the south wall, etc. Commands went through directly through our twitter feed at

Video of Our Innaugural May Day Performance

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Thanks and Shoutouts

Cheers to Green Screen for putting on an amazing event. Art anywhere is beautiful, art outside is incredible, and art out in everyone's face is transformational. Above all, thanks to the SCAC/CAC at Brown for making this happen.

Press and Feedback

Pending: Brown Alumni Magazine:

Photo Gallery from the Performance  

Screencap from our site:

Photos From the Green

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