Open Source Culture Spring 12- Student Work

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MCM 1700N: Open Source Culture
Spring 2012
Dept. of Modern Culture and Media
Brown University
Prof. Mark Tribe


Assignment: Select an open source culture project, in consultation with the instructor, that exemplifies or otherwise relates to the themes explored in the class during which you will present. Make a presentation on your selected project using Google Docs.

Joshua Biber - The Online Music Studio .  

Maria Krezia - Open Source Ecology

Olivia FialkowSlovenian Damien Hirst: "The Ready-Made Artist"

Catherine Gross - Open Source Color

Brette Ragland - Copyright Reclamation

Victoria Le - Kenneth Goldsmith & UbuWeb

Caitlin Trujillo - Internet Coup, Social Hack

Fiona Condon - LoseThos

Sylvia Tomayko-Peters - Android OS

Samantha Carter - Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games


Anna Ghublikian - Sturtevant 


Olivia Jene Fagon - MetaGovernment 



Catherine Gross - Channel Surfing


Sylvia Tomayko-Peters - Emoticanon

Madison Utendahl - Mixed Message?

Samantha Carter - History Appropriates Itself

Caitlin Trujillo - It's just a game. 

Olivia Fialkow - Born N' Died

Brette Ragland - Untitled   

Joshua Biber - The First Line. 

Fiona Condon - Zoe Strauss 2012

anna ghublikian - SUPERSTAR

Olivia-Jené Fagon - Believe What is Written

Victoria Le - All the News


Maria Krezia - The Enclosure of Nature

Audio Video Remix

Fiona Condon - GirlBending

Catherine Gross15 Minutes of Fame

Maria Krezia - Hush Little Rioteer

Anna Ghublikian - Crass Art

Sylvia Tomayko-Peters - Binary Persona

Brette Ragland - Waiting for Superman - Starring Davis Guggenheim

Olivia Jene Fagon - Have You Ever Wondered What's Inside Your Body?

Caitlin Trujillo - Changing Scenery

Victoria Le - Peephole

Madison UtendahlPICKLER

Olivia Fialkow - To The Right

Samantha Carter - Welcome to Oakland Oscar Grant


Joshua Biber - Wavelengths of Time.  


Samantha CarterCatherine Gross - Academic Performance


Brette Ragland, Anna Ghublikian, Olivia-Jene Fagon, Olivia Fialkow - A Distributed Performance

Maria Krezia, Caitlin Trujillo and Madison Utendahl - Hellmark Cards

Fiona Condon, Victoria Le, & Sylvia Tomayko-Peters - Core Dump

Outline | Syllabus | Resources | Production Two Manual | Mediography | Main Page of Mark's Wiki

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