Open Source Culture Spring 12 - Introduction

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i. Schuyler Maclay - The Sheep Market
ii. Jason Huff - Free Skool
iii. Al Urim – Arduino
iv. Emily Fishman – Quirky

i. Stephen Poletto - Illegal Art
ii. Deanna Havas -From The Dead
iii. Jason Lee – Banners

i. Al Urim - WWDC 1984
ii. Caleb Larsen – Doctor No Words
iii. Abe Halpert – Schizo
iv. Lauren Tam – Cadenza-"Ursonate"
v. Jared Arnold – Int'l Player's Anthem (Remix)
vi. Steven Aguiar -- A Brief History of the Gramophone

i. Michelle Snow and Lauren Tam – Tracing Paper
ii. Paul Wallace – World War 3D
iii. Jason Lee – ReluctanceCraft

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