Open Source Culture Spring 11 - Student Work

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MCM 1700N: Open Source Culture
Spring 2011
Dept. of Modern Culture and Media
Brown University
Prof. Mark Tribe

Student Work


Assignment: Select an open source culture project, in consultation with the instructor, that exemplifies or otherwise relates to the themes explored in the class during which you will present. Make a presentation on your selected project using Google Docs.

Christie Stephenson - Open-Source Novel

Jenna Zeigen - Exploding Literature


Annie Macdonald - The Question of Style

Monica Garcia - The Negative Space of the Commons 

Shane Farrell - Open Source Image Creation

Stephen Larrick - Open Source Government

Jason Steinbach - "Free" the Internet

Amanda Lucek - Google: Friend or Foe?

Jamilya Ramos-Chapman - Blender

Ioana Jucan - Becoming Amateur-Expert

Emily Fishman - Packaging the Collaborative Process

Steven Aguiar - Open Source Hardware


Assignment: Combine found images to produce a poster.

Amanda Lucek - Album Covers

Jenna Zeigen - Allure

Annie Macdonald - The Ballad of Author (In)dependency

Ioana Jucan - Passion to Be


Shane Farrell - [Digital Decollage]

Emily Fishman - (Re)source Collection

Steven Aguiar - Everybody is Based

Jamilya Ramos-Chapman - TechArt

Stephen Larrick - Specters of Marks

Monica Garcia - The Post (Race) Cards

Christie Stephenson - It's Only Plagiarism If You Get Caught

Jason Steinbach - Memes All the Way Down


Assignment: Combine found footage to produce a short video (five minutes or less).

Amanda Lucek - Capt. Johnway

Jenna Zeigen - Noncommittal

Emily Fishman - Pursonal Baggage

Monica Garcia - The Girl Affect

Steven Aguiar - A Brief History of the Gramophone

Ioana Jucan - Cuing the Line


Stephen Larrick - What Is Knowledge?


Shane Farrell - Special FX

Christie Stephenson - Good Friday Morning America

Jason Steinbach - Feedback

Jamilya Ramos-Chapman - Black Comedy Counter Strike

Annie Macdonald - The Phony King of England


Emily Fishman, Jenna Zeigen, Steven Aguiar, Christie Stephenson, Monica Garcia - DIY SPACE HACK

Ioana Jucan, Annie Macdonald - ManifestOpen

Shane Farrell, Stephen Larrick, Amanda Lucek, Jamilya Ramos-Chapman, Jason Steinbach - Terror in Paradise

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