Open Source Culture Spring 10 - Syllabus

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All readings are in the course packet unless otherwise noted.


Wed 1.27: Introduction

Wed 2.3: Collage, Collage Studio (Gimpshop & Wiki)

Wed 2.10: Authorship & Copyright, Collage Studio

Wed 2.17: Collage Critique

Wed 2.24: Appropriation & Fair Use, Video Remix Studio

Wed 3.3: Found Sound, Video Remix Studio

Wed 3.10: Found Footage, Video Remix Studio

  • Student presentations: Al
  • Required:
    • William Wees: Recycled Images.
      • "In the Domain of Montage: Compilation, Collage, Appropriation" 
      • "Epic Collage"
      • "Speaking of Found Footage: Craig Baldwin, Bruce Conner, Leslie Thornton"
  • Screening:
    • Bruce Connor: A Movie (12 min, 1958)
    • Guy Debord: Society of the Spectacle (88 min, 1973)
    • Chris Marker: Grin Without a Cat (180 min, 1977)
    • Leslie Thornton: Peggy and Fred in Hell (1984-90)
    • Peggy Ahwesh: The Color of Love (10 min, 1994)
    • Dara Birnbaum: Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman (24 min, 1978-80)
    • Craig Baldwin: Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (48 min, 1991)
  • Recommended:
  • Video workshop with Raphael Lyon: exporting, compressing, uploading

Wed 3.17: Video Remix Critique

  • Critiques: Jack, Sebastian, Nik, Deanna, Harrison, Jason

Wed 3.24: Group Project Studio

Spring Break

Wed 4.7: Video Remix Critique, Group Project Studio

  • Critiques: Chris, Joe, Schuyler, Erik, Lauren, Stephen, Al
  • Each student pitches an idea for a group project

Wed 4.14: FLOSS, Group Project Studio

Wed 4.21: The Political Economy of Intellectual Property, Group Project Studio

Wed 4.28: Group Project Studio, Evaluations

  • Student presentations: Nikolos, Harrison, and Jack
  • Raphael Lyon available to work with students on projects involving video and sound, as needed

Wed 5.5: Group Project Critique

Outline | Resources | Student Work | Production Two Manual | Mediography

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