Open Source Culture Spring 10 - Student Work

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MCM 1700N: Open Source Culture
Spring 2010
Dept. of Modern Culture and Media
Brown University
Prof. Mark Tribe

Student Work


Assignment: Select an open source culture project, in consultation with the instructor, that exemplifies or otherwise relates to the themes explored in the class during which you will present. Make a presentation on your selected project using Google Docs.

Schuyler MaclayThe Sheep Market

Erik Maser - Open Source Religion

Stephen Poletto - reacTIVision

Jason Huff - Free Skool

Deanna Havas - 50 50

Lauren Neal - S(p)am Yam: Digital Graffiti?

Al Urim - Arduino

Sebastian Gallese - Open Source Code in Academia

A discussion with Birkin James Diana and Michael Park

Joe Larios - Negativland

Jack Flintermann - Patenting Life and Open Source Biology

Nikolos Gonzales - Open Reel

Harrison Heller- Machinima & Copyright

Collage Project

Assignment: Your first production assignment is to make a work of art using found images. The term collage may be construed loosely.

Joe Larios - One Economy


Harrison Heller - Big Mac Attack

Erik Maser - The Birth of Modern Beauty

Jason Huff - Nature Morte (Nature Vive)

Stephen Poletto - Illegal Art

Schuyler Maclay - Do You Like The Picture I Took?

Nikolos Gonzales - Mug Shots

Deanna Havas - From The Dead

Jack Flintermann - [Comment Cards]

Al Urim - Roulette Portraits

Chris Erway - Defaced

Sebastian Gallese - Open Source Video

Lauren Neal - Desk Tops

Audio/Video Remix

Assignment: Your second production assignment is to make an art project using found footage.

Harrison Heller- Remote Warriors

Jack Flintermann - Bird Priorities

Nikolos Gonzales - Woody Allen vs. The City of New York

Sebastian Gallese - Fixing the Wheel for the Good of Open Source Surveillance

Jason Huff - Call to Duty

Deanna Havas- Chat Palace

Joe Larios - Lieutenant Knight

Schuyler Maclay - Avatar Ain't Got No Blues

Chris Erway - Traffic Phase

Erik Maser - "Le Cadre"

Lauren Neal - Superlative (Belle of the Ball) or, The Winner Takes it All Off

Al Urim - WWDC 1984

Stephen Poletto - Sexual Tension

Group Project

Assignment: Collaborate with other students to produce an art project in any form or medium that demonstrates or exemplifies open source culture.

Chris Erway, Deanna Havas, Stephan Eloise Gras, Stephen Poletto, and Sebastian Gallese -

Schuyler Maclay, Erik Maser, Al Urim, Nikolos Gonzales - OpenCube

Jack Flintermann, Harrison Heller, Jason Huff, Joe Larios, Lauren Neal- America Online A Gone Trail

Outline | Syllabus | Resources | Production Two Manual | Mediography

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