Open Source Culture Spring 08 - Syllabus

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Wed 1.23: Introduction

Mon 1.28: Collage & Readymade

  • Reading:
    • Benjamin, Walter: "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction," available at OCRA. Note: You can skip sections VIII - XI, and XII, but definitely read the footnotes.
    • Rosalind Krauss: "In the Name of Picasso" and "The Originality of the Avant-Garde" in The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths. On reserve at the Rock.
    • Johanna Drucker: "Review: Dada Collage and Photomontage." Art Journal, Vol. 52, No. 4 (Winter, 1993), pp. 82-84+87.
    • Recommended: Greenberg, Clement: "Collage." (This is the essay to which Krauss responds in "Name of Picasso.")

Wed 1.30: Gimpshop Workshop

Mon 2.4: Authorship & Copyright

  • Reading:
    • Roland Barthes: "The Death of the Author."
    • Michel Foucault: "What is an Author?"
    • Edward Samuels: The Illustrated Story of Copyright, pp. 10-17, 108-179, 188-209. Available at Allegra (recommended). Also on reserve at the Rock and online here.
    • Recommended: Jeffrey Cunard, "Making Art, Making Law: When Worlds Collide?" (online lecture):
    • Recommended: Lawrence Lessig: "Free Culture" (online lecture)
  • Lily

Wed 2.6: Found Images/Found Objects Studio

Mon 2.11: Install Exhibition in List

Wed 2.13: Found Images/Found Objects Critique

Mon 2.18: No class (long weekend)

Wed 2.20: Found Images/Found Objects Critique

Mon 2.25: Appropriation & Fair Use

Wed 2.27: Student Presentations

  • Jacob, Michelle

Mon 3.3: Audio Remix Workshop

Wed 3.5: Found Sound

  • Reading:
    o Siva Vaidhyanathan: Copyrights and Copywrongs. Introduction, pp. 1-16 and Chapter 4: "Hep Cats and Copy Cats: American Music Challenges the Copyright Tradition," pp. 117 - 148. On reserve at the Rock and available as an e-book.
    o Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid: Rhythm Science. On reserve at Orwig.
    o Edward Samuels: The Illustrated Story of Copyright, pp. 31-33, 44-55
    o Recommended: John Oswald: "Plunderphonics, or Audio Piracy as a Compositional Prerogative".
  • See also: Hypnotext, a web-based remix of Rhythm Science by artists Peter Halley and Casey Reas.
  • Lauren, Jared

Mon 3.10: Video Remix Workshop

Wed 3.12: Found Footage

  • Reading:
    • William Wees: Recycled Images. Chapter 4: "In the Domain of Montage: Compilation, Collage, Appropriation" and Chapter 5: "Epic Collage," pp. 32-58, and "Speaking of Found Footage: Craig Baldwin, Bruce Conner, Leslie Thornton," pp. 67-71, 77-86, 95-99. Available on OCRA.
  • Screening:
    • Bruce Connor: A Movie (12 min, 1958)
    • Leslie Thornton: Peggy and Fred in Hell (1984-90)
    • Peggy Ahwesh: The Color of Love (10 min, 1994)
    • Dara Birnbaum: Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman (24 min, 1978-80)
    • Craig Baldwin: Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (48 min, 1991)
  • See also:

Mon 3.17: Audio/Video Remix Critique

Wed 3.19: Audio/Video Remix Critique

Spring break

Mon 3.31: Audio/Video Remix Critique, Continued

  • Presentations: Jason, Patrick, Zuzanna

Wed 4.2: Group Project Studio

  • Come to class with an idea for a group project

Mon 4.7: Group Project Studio

  • Presentations: Caleb

Wed 4.9: Free and Open Source Software

Mon 4.14: Group Project Critique

Wed 4.16: Group Project Critique

Mon 4.21: Open Project Studio

  • Presentations: Anne, Paul

Wed 4.23: Political Economy of Open Source Culture

Mon 4.28: Open Project Studio

  • Presentation: Michelle

Wed 4.30: Recap and Evaluations

  • Presentation: Steve

Mon 5.5: Open Project Critique

Wed 5.7: Open Project Critique

 Outline | Resources | Student Work | Texts | Production Two Manual| Mediography

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