Open Source Culture Fall 12- Syllabus

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September 7: Introduction

September 14: Wiki Workshop, Originality (MT in St. Louis)

September 21: Found Image Workshop, Authorship, Copyright, Fair Use

September 28: Appropriation and Copyleft

October 5: Found Image Critique

October 12: Found Footage

October 19: Found Footage Workshop 1

  • MT out for surgery
  • Found Footage Workshop 1: importing and editing
  • Recommended Reading:
    • Lawrence Lessig: selections from Remix, 2008:
      • “Cultures of Our Past.” 
      • “Hybrid Economies.” 
      • “Reforming Law.”

October 26: Found Footage Workshop 2 

November 2: Found Footage Critique

November 9: Found Footage Critique

  • Student Presentations: Kat Lee, Robert Sandler, Ed Brown

November 16: The Hacker Ethic

  • Student Presentations: Gavin Atkinson, Charlotte Anderson, Madeleine O'Neill
  • Discuss Reading:

November 23: No Class (Thanksgiving)

November 30: FLOSS

December 7: Final Project Critique

Outline | Student Work | Production Two Manual | Mediography | Main Page of Mark's Wiki

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