Open Source Culture Fall 12- Student Work

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MCM 1700N: Open Source Culture
Fall 2012
Dept. of Modern Culture and Media
Brown University
Prof. Mark Tribe


Assignment: Select an open source culture project, in consultation with the instructor, that exemplifies or otherwise relates to the themes explored in the class during which you will present. Make a presentation on your selected project using Google Docs. 

Kevin Cochran - Swing Down

Rosey Selig-Addiss - Humument

Ed Brown - Negativland

Kat Lee - Ben Schumacher 

Robert Sandler - House of Leaves

Madeleine O'Neill - Flarf

Charlotte Anderson - Calle

Gavin Atkinson-Military

Julia Madsen-Voyager

Nara Shin - P A U L S T R E T C H

Jack Horkings - Mixtapes

Siera Dissmore - East Side Gallery

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Found Image

Charlotte Anderson - Found Image

Julia Madsen - Reproduction

Robert Sandler - Correspondance

Nara Shin - FemSext

Siera Dissmore - unCAPTCHA


Kat Lee - You're Nobody [Til Somebody Kills You]


Madeleine O'Neill - Stop!

Jack Horkings - Jacking Album Art

Ed Brown - Untitled Film .GIFs

Gavin Atkinson - Orgy

Kevin Cochran- RISDiversity II

Rosey Selig-Addiss - Common Creativity 

Found Footage

Julia Madsen - Smile

Robert Sandler - Pina

Rosey Selig-Addiss - Grows

Nara Shin - Selfies

Charlotte Anderson - Containment


Jack Horkings - D4RTH M1CK3Y

Siera Dissmore - post-


Kat Lee - PotC: Th Scrt of Mnky Islnd [WIP]

Kevin Cochran- Development


Gavin Atkinson- Hank Hill

Ed Brown - The Mask

Madeleine O'Neill - Sight Unseen

Final Project

Rosey Selig-Addiss - Mirror Stills Series 

Nara Shin - wait for it

Charlotte Anderson - Posters

Kat Lee - Da Great Gatsby


Siera Dissmore - Interlude

Madeleine O'Neill - This is me.

Kevin Cochran - Privates

Robert Sandler - MB's First Freestyle

Outline | Syllabus | Resources | Production Two Manual | Mediography | Main Page of Mark's Wiki

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