Mirror Stills Series

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Mirror Stills Series is a duo of self-portraits.  These portraits were constructed through a multistage process, beginning with the acquisition of pop-culture images of faces.  I looked through a set of twelve magazines --ranging from "Cosmopolitan" to  "Artforum" in search of larger format portraits of women who had features that I identified as similar to my own.  From there, I cut up the faces and rearranged them such that I had twenty constructed faces to use, each slightly different, but split largely between two different looks.  I then made a short video using one image from each of the two looks, where the faces fade in and out of one another.  I projected this video onto a a white wall, facing a mirror, so that I stood at once in the projection on the wall and facing the mirror.  I filmed myself in the mirror as I painted myself white in the image of my own constructed self-portraits.  I decided to use two stills, to reference the idea of a dyptych without actually making it such.  I also decided to print in a large format, to put the narrative of the piece back into play with the genre of portraiture, and perhaps to come into dialogue with works of portrait artists (Cindy Sherman, Wolfgang Tillmans) as well as artists interested in the process of mediation (I am thinking particularly of Carl Balth's series of "Video Watercolors").

Some examples of the original collage pictures:  


Two images from the "Mirror Stills Series":

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