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Madlib (born Otis Jackson, Jr., October 24, 1973) is a producer/composer/hip-hop MC from Oxnard, California. The son of soul singer Otis Jackson, Sr. and nephew of trumpeter Jon Faddis, Madlib first released music in the 1990's as the producer for hip-hop groups Da Alkaholiks and Lootpack. He first earned wide recognition with the release of his alter-ego Quasimoto's album The Unseen in 2000.

Beat Konducta Vol. 1&2: Movie Scenes

Song: The Payback (Gotta)

 The Unseen

    Song: Axe Puzzles

Stevie: Instrumental Tribute to Stevie Wonder

    Song: Superstition

Shades of Blue


   Song: Mystic Bounce

 Angles Without Edges (Yesterday's New Quintet)

    Song: The One Who Knows

Beat Konducta Vol. 3&4: In India

     Song: Movie Finale

Madlib Discography:

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Madlib interviews:

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The Miami Hurricane - Wasting Time with Madlib at the Creek

Solesides - Madlib: Jazz No Jazz 

Remix Magazine - The Phantom Menace 

Elemental Magazine - Lord Quas 

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