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For this project I decided to make a music video for a song off of Mykki Blanco's 2012 Cosmic Angel: Illuminati Prince/ss mixtape.

This decision sprung from an interest in the slew of contemporary gay and/or gender-queer rap and hip-hop artists slowly proliferating mainstream discourse (Le1f, Zebra Katz, Frank Ocean, etc.) and my place as a queer, male-bodied person who has often felt alienated by the heteronormativity of hip-hop and rap. Both rap and homosexuality have a rich history of appropriation (e.g. sampling, drag) so it felt accurate to use a collage of found and original footage to make this video. I was also interested in using formal or aesthetic elements of pop music videos: sexy legs, a frenetic pacing, and distorting this sensibility with atypical images of gender queer bodies, color fields, and references to previous queer video artists---an attempt at continuing the valuable destabilization that I find these musicians to be doing. 

There are three sources for the found footage: my grandfathers home footage, A Fire in My Belly by David Wojnarowicz (1954 - 1992), and Un Chant D'Amour by Jean Genet (1910 - 1986).


I chose these three sources for found footage because they hold distinct places in both my personal narrative and in their respective historical context. David Wojnarowicz and Jean Genet were incredible radical queer artists who both alienated and provoked those around them. In my own development as a queer body, I have found them to be tremendous resources of comfort and inspiration. With this regard, footage from my family serves as a counterpoint---a narrative which is more difficult for me and many others to navigate. The assumptions and projections that a hetero-monolithic society enforce upon children and their bodies, their attitudes, and actions. It is my hope to purge some of this stagnancy by juxtaposing images and using only parts of the film which had materially degraded.


All found footage was ripped with Aimersoft DVD Ripper. The music video was then pieced together in Final Cut Pro.

The exported video was then uploaded to Youtube.

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