Let's Make Art!!

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Let's Make Art! 

"Strapped for an idea for an art project? Use one from this book!

Got something you want to add? Just fill in a blank and pass it along!"


An extension of Theoretical Artgorithms, Let's Make Art opens up to a broader audience, eliminating the guidance of myself, Caleb, and Zuzanna. Based on the concept of rule-based art (Komar and Melamid Learning to Love You MoreDo it. 40 Years of Rule-Based Art), this book creates a forum for individuals to generate their own art project ideas organically. Each person fills in one blank in the book (ideally in sequential order) and passes it along to a friend, acquaintance, family member, or stranger to keep the chain going. When the book is finished there are instructions that explain to the last receiver that they can either mail us back the book for $10, or do with it what they please (publish it, throw it out, create one of the art projects, sell it). This, in turn, stays in the spirit of Open Source Culture. The ideas belong to many, and the book belongs to whomever the last person deems fit.

If we receive any of the 3 books we released to circulate back, we will make them into a pdf file to place both on this website and likely another. 

Let's Make Art!

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