Int'l Player's Anthem

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Int'l Player's Anthem (Remix) -UGK feat. Outkast, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney

    "Int'l Player's Anthem" is a remix of the vocals of the UGK/Outkast song "Int'l Player's Anthem" with Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's duet, "The Girl is Mine." Putting the two together first occurred to me when I thought of Big Boi's mention of Paul McCartney in his verse, and as I began piecing the two songs together more parallels revealed themselves. Both songs deal with choosing partners and being chosen; more specifically, both songs objectify women. In the original "Int'l Player's Anthem," it's a blatant "pimping ho's" attitude, while in "The Girl is Mine," there's the absence of the "girl," who could presumably settle the argument. I hope to inspire listeners to consider the woman over whom Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson might fight.

    In terms of the technical process, I changed the tempo of the "The Girl is Mine," and drastically rearranged and applied effects to the vocals of the original "Int'l Player's Anthem."

Int'l Player's Anthem (Remix) 

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