I Spit On Your Turf

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I Spit On Your Turf: Audio/Video Mashup

For my Audio/Video Mash-up, I recontextualized footage from the 1978 horror film "I Spit On Your Grave". The footage I appropriated is a condensed version of the 35 minute rape scene for which the movie has become infamous (it is still banned in the UK). After seeing the film, I wanted to examine how changing the sound might augment, derail, or diminish the visual rape footage, which I had had great trouble working through after seeing it for the first time a few months prior. I chose a melange of audio including, the Fox Monday Night Football theme song, a football sportscaster, a hockey sportscaster, and Queen's notably triumphant "We Will Rock You". I intended for the audio to be border-line slap-stick and canned, in the interest of providing a greater juxtaposition and irony in the audio/video contrast. By using the sportscaster, I had hoped to break down the very traumatic group rape into a more palatable play-by-play, diminishing the on-screen behavior to that of male dominated sport. This simultaneously simplifies and complicates the footage, breaking it down into entertainment and sport, while issuing a deeper reading of the perverted recreation and homosociality this type of behavior exhibits.

I Spit On Your Turf: Bliptv 

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