Hush Little Rioteer

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Hush Little Rioteer - Maria Krezia    


For the past two years i have been living in a bubble of my own. The birth of my daughter launched a different era in my life, one that is centered around her. With very liitle time to myself, my contact with social phenomena has been reduced to glimpses. It is as if I am seeing with the audio on mute. 

Greece has been suffering through a crisis for a few years now but lately it has been especially bad. Whenever you turn on the news all you see are demonstrations, politicians arguing, riots and police brutality. 

The video I remixed touches on these events which influence me directly, as a mother, a Greek citizen and prospecting employee. 

First, the video demonstrates the glimpses I refered to, footage predominantly from Greek tv channels over the past two years.

The audio is one of the songs I sing to my daughter as put her to bed. It is repeated because it takes more than once to get her to sleep.Her bed time coincides with the time the news airs on tv.


Found footage from videos on YouTube. 

Audio recording of my mother singing Hush little baby.


I searched for videos of riots in Greece using Google search engine. Most of the results were of videos posted on YouTube. A few results were Greek blogs that redirected back to Youtube. I used iShowU to record the videos that i wanted to use. Then i imported all the files into Final Cut and edited the footage into the desired sequence.

The audio i recorded with Garage Band on my laptop and exported the track as an mp3. I later imported into Final Cut and added to the sequence.

When i was done editing the audio and video tracks i exported the sequence as a quick time movie.

Finally i uploaded the video to YouTube.

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