Hellmark Cards

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Hellmark Cards

by Maria Krezia, Caitlin Trujillo and Madison Utendahl


Hacking the hallmark tradition of a greeting card. Greeting cards predominantly are given to someone on a variety of occasions. They are always aestheticall pleasing, artsy/craftsy, animated or reference popular culture. They text and image fit the tone of the message. The sole thing that does not change is that the card is always addressed to you.

Therefore in hacing the tradition of the greeting card we designed five different cards that address a social issue, unemployment. Every card touches upon a problem assocated with uneployment and things related to its such as tax reforms, job loss, pension reforms, student debt and unemploymed youth. The tone varies from cynical to serious whereas the text is demonstrates statistical fact or anticipates future consequences.

Our hack is an attempt to change the operation of the greeting card,rather then delivering a wish or remark to an individual, Hellmark cards are offering a social fact.

The Hallmark logo was appropriated and mofdified to Hellmark. By using the well know greetin gcard company's logo we are using their recognition and product identification to change the way greeting cards are perceived.


We used found images usin the google search engine. The text was inspired and/or quoted from news articles we researched on line.

The cards are  5x7 printed on mat paper by Alphagraphics.

The logo was appropriated by Hallmark's official cite and later edited. 


After discussing and formulating a coherent idea about what our hack would be we started researching for material. We search through news articles to find five ideas we would want to present and later researched for images that would fit with the overall concept.

The logo was modified by Yo-E Ryou, a graphic designer from RISD. After we collected our material, the images were photomontaged and the text was was aesthetisized in order to have a cohesive style throughout the cards.

As soon as we prepared the cards, we had them printed at Alphagraphics. The prepared cards were then "installed" at the Hallmark stand in CVS on Thayer st.

Installation Site:

The Cards:

Thank You Card

Congradulations Graduate Card

Happy Retirement Card

Sorry For Your Loss Card

Congrats on the Good News Card

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