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Wavelength Meets Pop-Culture; 

This project seeks to (re)present a scene from “The Graduate” (Mike Nichols, 1967) with a shift in the action to a narrative line more similar to that which appears in “Wavelength” (Michael Snow, 1967).  I hope that by reappropriating the image and the narrative construct, respectively, by way of a synthesis of the two, I might highlight the similarities and differences inherent in these two films released in the same year.

The tensions that I am hoping to access are, in part, derived from the fact that Nichols’ film is a touchstone of mainstream film culture, while Snow’s (in a somewhat paralleled manner) exists as a touchstone of the avant-garde.  Both the scene from “The Graduate” and the overall narrative of “Wavelength” are focused on a future moment of a sexual penetration (more and less explicitly) which is never fulfilled.  What is perhaps more interesting to me is the exaggerated direction of the gaze of the spectator through the protracted zoom of the lens into an object that originally seems apart from the “action” of the piece.  I will also note that this “zoom” in Wavelength is a function of the camera lens itself (there never exists any other information within the film), while my reappropriation of the technique and application to the preexisting scene from “The Graduate” necessarily establishes a crafted ignorance regarding the majority of the information captured on the original film.    

"Grows" (Rosey Selig-Addiss, 2012)

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