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This project used a social algorithm to generate ideas and concepts for art projects. The algorithm was: ask one person for the topic or concept for an art project, aske another person for the medium it is to be realized in, ask a third person what materials are to be used and ask the fourth what size it should be. Ask each person to choose the next person in the next person in the sequence.

This algorithm explores new creative strategies based on the hive mind mentality, decentralizing the mode of artistic authorship, and seeking new associations in a generative system.

The projects in this book were collected based on the social networks of friends, families, and strangers. The demographic in each varied. The people surveyed in the family spehere ranged significantly from the very young to the very old, while the people in the friends category generally tended to be of a similar age and social status, and the strangers group was limited to people found on the Brown University campus.

Explored in this element of the project was how a person's relationship affected the types of responses given as well as the correlations found in the responses of those groups.

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