Free Your Mind

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"Free Your Mind" is a video I made using footage from my skydiving excursion last November in Reggio Emilia and the Propellerheads song Spybreak! from "The Matrix" movie soundtrack.  I chose to edit and shorten the footage from 10 to almost 3 minutes, making it resemble the faster, music video culture we have grown accustomed to these days.  I've also manipulated the clips (increase/decrease speed, rewinding etc.), effects we now take for granted when watching such videos, but which are ultimately a manipulation of reality. 
The Matrix is a movie, which questions notions of reality.  A line I remembered standing out, when watching the movie was Morpheus telling Neo "free your mind" before leaping a great distance between two buildings.  Therefore, I chose to use one of the main songs from the soundtrack in order to question the ways in which we manipulate reality in movies, videos, and other forms of media.  And for others, it will just be a fun video to watch when deciding whether they want to go skydiving or not.  However, they must remember, that it is not an accurate depiction of the experience.  After making this video I began to wonder, are any of the videos I watch online truly depicting reality?Free Your Mind

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