Found Image- RISDiversity II

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Found Image- RISDiversity II

For this project I am attempting to participate in an ongoing art/decoration/advertising/diversity piece at RISD called RISDiveristy. The original project has been going on at RISD for two years- photograph students, faculty, and staff and have them write about their uniqueness in order to showcase the diversity of people at RISD. These photos are then framed and hung in RISD dining halls and common spaces, making them ubiquitous and instantly recognizable. And because only 24 or so are made every year, you develop a strange relationship with this "class" of people.

This series makes me feel actually estranged from the people and diversity of RISD, because I know so few of them and their writing tends to make them seem unrelatable to me instead of the intended effect of feeling connected. I wanted to continue and expand the series with people that I know and recognize, reinterpret it through my gaze, and possibly contribute to or replace the originals in the public RISD spaces

Do I have the right to imitate someone elses work?

Do I have the right as a RISD student to participate in any RISD-sponsored art/advertisement/showcase project?

Would I have the right to take the originals down and replace them with mine?

Would I have the right to frame mine identically to the originals and hang them next to them?

This is am ongoing project that I am continuing as I build a bigger library of new subjects and consider appropriate ways to present the images.

Part II

I printed three of the images on high quality paper at full size, and installed them in the same frames as the originals- taking the backing off and sliding my own in front. Though I covered up the originals, they still remain in the frame- no harm befell the prints, frames or mounting. I installed them at Carr Haus late at night when no-one was around to notice. The RISDiversity prints at Carr Haus are in one of the most trafficked areas at RISD- I am curious to see how long they will remain or what their future will be.

Super Rad Bonus  Super LAME Disappointment

At one point in time when you google image searched "RISDiversity", my images were mixed in among the top 5 results. Now it seems there's not a whole lot of anything relevant in the results. Nevermind.

Searching "RISDiversity II" works, though.

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