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Rationale: The goal of this piece is to elucidate hyper-mediated spaces: to abstract them, allow them to degrade, and re-contain their visual elements. The idea is that information diffuses at every turn. As unwitting participants walk through the public arena, they undergo multiple forms of mediation. Their likenesses are broadcasted for all to potentially see. In the end, the divide between public and private becomes not so much a matter of concealment, but one of video quality and noise. 

So by purposefully obscuring this footage (using a purposefully machinist aesthetic), I’m exploring this idea: that of the hyper-mediated subject, subject to multiple surveillances, multiple screens, multiple forms of imaging. Utilizing solely mechanisms that already exist within that specific place (audio recorders and live webcam footage, for example), I created a new sort of spacial experience, capturing that place at a very specific moment in time, preserving it, and then toying with its properties.


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