Found Footage - The Mask

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The Mask

For this piece I lifted the anamorphic skull off of Holbein's 1533 oil on panel "The Ambassadors" and placed it on 2 clips of Jim Carrey I found on YouTube.  The first clip of Carrey is at a motivational speaking conference featuring "spiritual leader" Eckhart Tolle.  Carrey is describing his moment of "awakening" brought about by Tolle's leadership.  Many believe he is also describing experiences with DMT, the psychedelic drug.  I haven't done enough research to find out if he's actually done this drug, or if Tolle endorses it or what, if you know, please comment about it below!  The second clip of Carrey is an excerpt from the sketch comedy show In Living Color in which he goes through 3 "transformations."  In this final rendering of the video, I've projected the layered video and recorded the projection with a camera, so that I could reveal the skull, which in turn distorts the image of Jim Carrey.

The painting has a lot of symbolism involving dualism: celestial and terrestrial, church and state, life and afterlife, earthly wealth and knowledge vs. spiritual wealth and knowledge.

Carrey talks about two selves in the first clip: a self experiencing the universe as a whole in the present, and a self that's external that's thinking too much.

In the second clip he has a dual image: the narrator or his "real" self, and his contorted "transitioned" characters.

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