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Part I: Episodes IV-VI

"My Only Hope"  "The Empire Strike Track"  "Return of the Mouse"

Listen to the music here.

The goal of this project was to create new original songs sampling the two Star Wars trilogies. The original trilogy, Episode 4-6, is available now, while Episodes 1-3 will apear later and sound prettier and more well polished. By using samples from their corresponding film, the songs each have their own very loose narrative, and reference the movies in a way rewarding to those familiar; however I also placed the vocal samples to create narratives in ways that should be understandable or at least aesthetically pleasurable to those unaware of the films. I was not trying to make a heavy handed critique, but I did leave room for the interpretation intentionally. This project will be completed with the prequel trilogy and released for free download. I also created the new album cover using the original soundtrack's cover. I hope to eventually create videos for the songs, like I did for Episode 6, but only if I don't start hating the songs.

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