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I'm toying with the associative and political properties of an open source culture, and what it is to be, at once, political (perhaps even radical) and trite. Consider the proliferation of political images overlaid with text on reddit, a slew of dub overs on youtube, a million political memes etc. I'm interested in humor that borders on the horrific. So, within this vein I've created a series of dorm-room-style posters each featuring an image representative of atrocity. For each image I've imagined an alternative use or context. In particular, i've aligned these mechanisms with the body, and the various ills and modifications which are either enacted upon or experienced by it. The images move chronologically from the guillotine to the atom bomb to the stun gun (these, representative of governmental violences [in particular]--each, a specific form of annihilation). The labels move in a similar chronological order, indicating major moments of human maturation (some ritualistic, some incidental). The multiplicity of readings which might apply to these images are immediately undercut, however, by their medium (and also by the ridiculousness of the text I've used). The poster in this context becomes both a proclamation of radical will and an admittance of homogeneity. The "radicalism" of each work is predicated upon a decidedly facetious pun. In short, these are meant to border on the obscure, the potentially meaningful, the potentially offensive, the potentially (a/e)ffective and the silly.

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