Feminine Celebrity

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You Look Therefore I Am

Lauren Tam

22 X 30 in.

My ultimate goal for this project was to create an image based work that could be accessed (whether critically, by the humor of the subject matter, or formally) by a broad audience, despite previous interest or education in the arts. In terms of subject matter, I used this project as an opportunity to consider the connections between the construction of the feminine in tabloid culture, the arts, and how knowledge and information is affected by the "interactivity" of "prod(user)" culture made possible through new media technologies.

Given that this piece was created in mind of an exhibition, I wanted to create an image that would allow viewers to experience the piece differently from different distances from the object. From further away, the last reiterations of the pattern appear to be splotches of color, and as the viewer approaches closer the repeated elements "play" throughout the image, as the eye can bounce from and between repetitive elements. In addition, each repeated element appears slightly different (beyond the decreased size), as with each reiteration the element is recontextualized by the new images that surround it (and as other parts of the individual images become more or less occluded by those other images surrounding it). I hope that the form and content of the collage allows audiences to visually "interact" with the piece without feeling encumbered by the task of "figuring it out" (Barthes).

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