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"Feedback" is a experimental video remix that appropriates a range of sources, with common threads being an emphasis on analog technology, and the use of positive feedback systems. The piece is largely up to the viewer's interpretation, as it is ambiguous what can be construed in the film as a "feedback system." Also, it is left unanswered whether these accelerated complex systems, seen in nature and in human society, should be viewed as ascension or destruction. Several analog video feedback loops are used as source material for this video -- one of which was described in Hofstadter's book I Am A Strange Loop. The feedback system, or strange loop, is also useful in discussing human self-intelligence, fractal geometry and emergent behavior. The piece also looks at the distortion of media, mostly through the appropriation of analog distortion visuals (recalling VCRs, VHS, and TV) in the digital medium, and by pushing the envelope of the cut-up music video genre. The aesthetic of this video is influenced by, and borrows from, 80s-90s commercials, electronic music, and rave culture. The recurring "pink dot" clips and other samples of visually over-stimulating media are the focal point of the "feedback loop" of contemporary culture, which is also tied to the exponential growth of technology.

The video was composed using Adobe Premiere Pro, using samples downloaded from Youtube and torrent trackers, and converted using ffmpeg.

The dubstep song used in the video is "Gargoyle" by Damu.

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