Desk Tops

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Desk Tops

by Lauren Neal

Everyone has searched for themselves on Google. Every is interested in self-preservation, in self-presentation. How much control do we have over the representations of ourselves floating digitally? How much control do we have over how much information, accurate or inaccurate is available to others with access to the internet, our desktop, or... our desks?

This project combines objects found from three different locations: the internet (the Desk Top of the World), my personal computer's desk top (the Desk Top of Lauren Neal), and a drawer in my actual desk (a... well... Desk Top).

The serendipitous nature of the once stumble-upon internet: has it been lost? Can we no longer liken it to a comparable situation in which, casually, my suitemate went searching through a drawer in my desk? What will the seeker find?

Piecing together every Google search result for "lauren neal" that actually referred to my personal being, along with items found in one desk drawer, I noticed that the information available to someone marginally interested in "lauren neal" is remarkably similar in either case.

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