Da Great Gatsby

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It's a book. 

I would prefer it were judged by its cover since it's very shittily bound inside, even for a first attempt at bookbinding. ~*e g o b l o w*~


This isGizoogle. It translates your page searches into really terrible "ghetto" slang ala Snoop Dogg circa 2005. I'd been using it to read NPR.

Recently, I've had instances/conversations related to the general public's understanding of the worth of a digital art object. It seems it's much easier to assume value with a physical piece (assume, not necessarily assign). I eventually meandered over into thinking about how much reading people do online, none of which seems to count as academic in the eyes of parents. Does the gravitas lie in the physical copies then (historical validation of classics notwithstanding)?

So let's try it. I'll take a piece of "literature" and run it through the filter of internet humor. Books I considered include Uncle Tom's Cabin, Beloved, Native Speaker before I eventually settled on The Great Gatsby. My list reflected my ongoing interest in the culture of "black cool" and its offshoots (fascinatingly horrific or no) online. I think choice of book would change the reading of this project significantly - I went socioeconomic focus (with some race too) because I hadn't read The Great Gatsby in a while and thought it would make for a fun revisit.

I found a hypertext version of the full text of The Great Gatsby online and ran it through Gizoogle.

I was particularly intrigued by the artifacts of the algorithm - how entire sentences (i.e. "ya'll KNOW that shit muthafucka!") would be thrown in there, triggered by some combination of words. Some parts are entirely unintelligible when the formula fails within the context of the sentence, creating a string of nouns or such.

Much typesetting and glue later there it is.


I'm fairly certain I had a lot running through my head as I considered this project, but I've been pretty anti-intellectualizing lately and don't want to try putting it down into words. Especially for something I did 90% for kicks. Maybe I'll sit down and read the entirety of it over break.

The remix potential of established novels is pretty great. There's a lot to work with.

P.S. Easter-egging: the ISBN number links to an edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin, just because I couldn't resist making the reference to problematically distorted dialects.

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