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I am interested in the intersections of text as image and image as text as well as in public conversations and chat/email/text correspondences. We view most of our digital correspondence as distinctly private and personal entities. We choose to share or withhold these correspondences (cc, bcc, group message, "go off the record," etc.) with each singular interaction. Specifically, for this project, I was interested in exploring the immediate visual nature of chat correspondences, their privacy, and their inherent natures. Take for example the following gchat dialogue:


Diana: this kid is a twink tho

i think imgoing to be bored

me: no tots

that's how i feel


Diana: totz

me: totzlers

Diana: totsicle


Childish nature aside, while such dialogue is in part phonetic play, it is also visual play. For “me,” "toats/tots,” “totz,” “totzlers” “totsicle” are less feasible in verbal communication. For my project, I was interested in exploring these textual-visual fields. For a little less than a week I communicated with a friend using images. I was hoping to synthesize and explore the nature of such visual communication without the use of an explicit text, as well as the conditions under which they can be publicly scrutinized. At its core, this project was an experiment in communication. The resulting correspondence has since been made public. It was formatted to reference the scrolling nature of text messages as well as the way that we attribute artwork. I attempted to be as honest as possible about our communication. The following are excerpts from our correspondence:




A full text can be found here: CORRESPONDANCE

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