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Cancun is a video art remix that appropriates various pornographic materials and Andy Mckee's beautifully performed "Into the Ocean". I layered and manipulated various images and sequences, keying out colors, setting opacities, and otherwise obscuring the images and layering them on top of each other to create a dynamic, abstract, and somewhat sensually overwhelming piece.

In this piece I wanted to evoke the sensation of being in Cancun, a place where the spirit of tourism has devoured the place whole until it is no longer a place, but a feeling, a thing, an idea. That underneath the resorts and swimming pools and beaches and bars people go there to get drunk and get laid. Cancun is an incarnation of the stereotype of palm trees and beaches, of poolside sex. A wonderland made real. Cancun is not constructed out of anything real, but of people's thoughts, out of their hormones and sexuality. It is a sexuality incarnate.

The pornographies I have chosen mostly (but not all) evoke the idea of tropics, of swimming pools and beach sex. That or drunken spring breaks, hotel rooms, sex parties, the Caribbean... but all these places are stages, existent in idea. Pornography captures the ultimate sense of stage, of performance, as if all of Cancun were a giant theater play set up for us. In layering the videos I mostly set out to key out the flesh toned colors, making every sexual act transparent. Beneath each layer is only more performativity, more staginess, more Cancun. There is a sensory overload of sexuality, of meanings, of images, so much that they all cease to mean anything. Above all these images the pornographic ghost of a Tribal, with his fertility hanging out, emerges from a green door and stalks across time, a fading ghost set up to be a spectacle for the rest of us.


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