Caleb Larsen

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Two appropriated images from new sources.
Digital Inkjet prints on Somerset Velvet, 44"x60" each.
My work has been concerned with using logic-based systems to create and explore intersections of digital and physical culture using Language and Mapping as methods of inspection. In recent works I have been looking the role of the artist as maker, as producer, as craftsman, and as author in the digital age. With open access to vast resources of intellectual property when the boundaries of ownership blur and the value of originality is reduced, I have found myself appropriating material as frequently as generating "original" work.  Why reinvent the wheel.  The shifting of context is all that is needed sometimes for the meaning of a thing to change dramatically. Through recontextualizing content from the internet, a very fast moving, super saturated information stream, to a gallery context, where minute details matter, an element of digital culture begins to hold entirely new meaning and read in a vastly different way. In Land Grab I am using images from the Associated Press of Russia's 2007 attempt claim the North Pole by planting a flag on the ocean floor. The ability of a country to lay claim an entire region of the Earth, through the simple act of planting a flag faciantes me.  I see that as the ultimate form of geographical appropriation. 

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