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  • What is utopian plagiarism?
  • What is necessary in plagiarism to make it productive?
  • How does access to sources affected those seeking to plagiarise?
  • What technological harbinger (Bush's Memex, Nelson's hypertext or Englebard's Augment) do you consider to be the most significant?
  • This was published in 1994. What would CAE say about:
    • the internet & web 2.0
    • youtube and viral videos
    • social networking
    • mobile technology's explosion (video cameras and iPhones)
    • eBooks (Kindle, Nook and iPad)
  • Why did CAE publish this as a book?

Extra extra

What the introduction of book technology may have looked like:

"It has also been hard to convince those outside of the technocratic class why they should want to do something with video, even if they had access to equipment."

Was CAE too soon to pronounce the death of remix video?

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