Black Comedy Counter Strike

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My Black Comedy Mix

Mainstream media is dominated and overwhelmed with the white American image. While television programs and stations that showcase other races are existent it has failed to break the mainstream membrane. If it is observed, it is obviously marked as different with content that usually appeals to a more specific audience. Programs and stations that are specifically geared towards an audience not commonly catered to within media fail to fully circulate the mainstream circles. What is it about the content that is so unrelatable or differing from the mainstream, white American image?

A lot of the comedy geared towards the black audience, for example, makes clear reactions to the dominating white culture. It is clearly targeting a white audience almost in retaliation to the lack of diversity within mainstream media. The popularity of such programs, however, is telling of a desire for television that is counter-mainstream. There is an audience that seeks an alternative to the white, mainstream culture that is consistently present throughout media today.

In order to make my 'remix' I placed the audio from Black Comedy stand-up over White American television shows. Through the confrontation of these mediums the tension between cultures is clear.

Black Comedians: Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Katt Williams, Paul Mooney

Television Shows: Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson's Creek, Friends, The OC

Final Product:

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