Avatar Ain't Got No Blues

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Avatar Ain't Got No Blues

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Avatar Ain't Got No Blues is a fan-edit of the 2009 James Cameron film Avatar.  The Na'vi, the indigenous population of the movie's setting, the planet Pandora, have all been edited out. The project reworks the filmic text so as to deny the Na'vi any representation, visual or dialogic. What remains is a convoluted narrative of colonization. The enemy is undefined, unwritten. Their history has been edited out of the Pandora story and in their place we see only the confused screams and the chaotic fireworks of one-sided battles. Fantastic creatures of Pandora's forest float meaninglessly in cinematic space, futuristic spacecraft explode in orgiastic but almost auto-erotic battle sequences. Marines fire machine guns into the void. A wheelchair bound marine cherishes his time spent in a futuristic bed, "linking in" to somewhere with his scientist friend, but always resurfacing just where he started. The visual logic seems to feed on itself. The new narrative creates a gap with the old, the original film perhaps. New meanings float in the space between. There's something out there.

I've cut down James Cameron's 3 hour epic to a neat 50 minutes or so, above is a clip of the final battle with my revised ending.

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