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by Jared Arnold, Steve Hall, & Patrick Nagle

Our project is a sound collage that employs the quotidian soundscape to explore the boundaries between sensibility and intelligibility, noise and information, pastiche and narrative. We made field recordings of sounds often taken for granted (i.e. birds chirping, cars passing on the street) and remixed them in ProTools to emphasize different aspects of the sounds. The first movement of the piece highlights the narrativity of the sounds, creating a realistic, referential soundscape that depicts an outdoor walk. The second movement stresses the rhythmic qualities of the sounds, juxtaposing disparate sources to foreground their musicality. The third movement draws attention to the different extremes of "noise" as the innocuous sounds of daily life (unrecognized sound) are manipulated beyond the point of intelligiblity (unrecognizable sound).
By manipulating freely available sounds, our project explores a different meaning of "open source": the soundscapes that daily surround us are a valuable and often overlooked source for artistic endeavor, musical creativity, or an excuse to make some noise.


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