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Collage and appropriation of images are common themes in the discourse of fashion.  I have chosen to take found clothing and reconstructing it into a collection that engages with the processes of appropriation on three different levels.  Additionally, by recontextualizing used clothing found at Salvation Army in the context of a fashion look book I have further removed the 'original' clothes from their context and created a discomfort around the tension.




The first look is assembled using garments that are embedded with gender coding, as well as simulacra of athletic apparel. I have created a more drapey, feminine top by hanging an entire vintage-football-inspired men's top from a floral shirt. A new garment is created by juxtaposing and changing the form of two separate, very recognizablely coded shirts. I have also highlighted the futility implicit in the appropriation of a once functional garment (the jersey) as an everyday assertion of masculinity by brands like this shirt's such as American Eagle.  The bottom is a more androgynous jodhpur shape constructed out of the feminine version of the football jersey printed shirt.  


DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE FILE:(re)source_lookbook.pdf


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