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For this project, I began to think of what websites I indulge in and why. I mainly use the internet as a means of research for art projects and finding new music. I have always been fascinated by how much a music genre reflects a time, culture, and lifestyle.  As a spin off of music genres such as seapunk, fruitpunk, mallsoft, chillwave, and vaporwave, I created my own genre called dumpwave. Using imagery and sound from hi-tech toilet commercials, I wanted to convey an obsession with technology fetishism through toilets. I had this vision of creating a subculture where the ideas of intimacy, comfort, and technology were in privacy of the bathroom. I had lots of fun watching toilet commercials and finding lots of tumblr selfie pictures of random girls standing on toilets. 

I also tried multiple times to create a wikipedia page for dumpwave but I only have screenshots of my process before its deletion. 

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