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Free Project Proposal

The first question that I asked myself for this freedom project was "Do I feel free on the internet?" I definitely do feel unlimited and sometimes overwhelmed at the content, resources, and space on the internet.  On the other hand, I began to think about the legalities, restrictions, and censorship.

I remember when I was younger and I would come across Warning Adult Content pages and think twice upon entering the site. Like any curious person, I definitely would click Yes, I am 18+ while thinking to myself this is the internet who is going to stop me. But even now as a legal adult, I still hesitate a little and question my entrance, possibly due to the distasteful color choice and graphic design or moral reasons.

For my project, I'd like to collect screenshots of these warning pages. With a range of different agreement terms, I'd like to take that text and create a long, repetitive video or sound piece. 

I do not want this piece to comment on how minors should not be entering these sites or how to make the internet a safer place. I want this piece to simply question the effectiveness of censorship not just on the internet but also how it is implemented in the real world.

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