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First, watch this:

Now, read this:

As of November of 2011, I, Pierce Hunter Shipp have pledged to dedicate my life to becoming a Superhero.

Don’t be mistaken.  This video is not the final project.  The artwork is the pledge itself.  This video is a dramatization of actual events, and everything represented here is true to my life.  I really did go through tough times, and even started smoking.  And I quit in order to train rigorously every day.  I started collecting superhero media, and dedicated my life to becoming a hero because of a compliment from a girl that made me realize my true calling.  I am sharing this aspect of my life with the public and presenting it as a performance piece.

What does it mean to be a Superhero?

A superhero is more than just a man in tights that fights crime.  A superhero is an icon.  He sets an example for those who follow him.  He stands up for what he believes is right.

For the past month, I have been training every single day to get into the best shape of my life, so that if I’m ever put into a situation where I’ll need to defend others, or myself, I will be prepared.   Part of this is training my body and spirit to endure pain.  It is important for a super hero to be extremely fit.  It encourages heath in mind, body, and spirit, and sets an example for others to follow.

But wait!  Aren’t superheroes purely fictional?

Yes.  Super Heroes are not real.  They are icons.  Hopefully, that is what I will become.  By filming my progress and life decisions and broadcasting them to the public, I hope to immortalize my image and create a fictional, yet real, representation of myself that will persist even after I am dead.  Hopefully, this image will set a positive example of a force for good, and represent a role model for people around the world.

So you’re doing all of this because of a girl?

Not exactly.  While that did spark this drastic life decision, I’ve always been a fan of Superheroes, even creating my own as a child.  His name was “Kuff”.  He was 19, and he was tough.  Ironically enough, I've come to this decision to become a superhero shortly after turning 19 on 11/11/11.  Some might call it coincidence or self-fulfilling.  I call it destiny.

And while fictional superheroes have always been important to me, what’s more important has always been doing the right thing and helping people.  No feeling in the world even comes close to that of helping others out.  And I have come to the realization that helping others is my true calling.

The next step is the allocation of funds.  After getting a degree from Brown University, I’ll continue a career in the media industry promoting myself and my life’s work in order to gain funds.  ’ll use those funds for training in hand to hand combat, gadgets, weapons, and continual promotion of my image as a superhero.  Eventually, when I have enough money, I'll have enough to make a difference in the world, and use the money to help them/

How is this any different from just saying, “I want to be famous.” ?

In a way, I could see this being a little narcissistic.  I feel that in order to influence people; in order to become a positive role model, I’m going to need people to be aware of my presence.  This pledge is also a promise that I will use the funds, fame, and fortune that I will one day acquire for the betterment of mankind.  I am fully aware that fame and fortune often corrupts people.  If I ever come to a time in my life where I steer off of the right path, I can go back to this page, read this pledge, and remember the promise I made to be a force for good in the world.

So basically, you’re going to pretend you’re a Superhero in front of the camera for the rest of your life?

Actually, yes.  See, Superheroes themselves aren’t real.   But the influence they have on people, and the morals they instill upon those that observe their actions are most certainly real.  I think that if I can act like a super hero, I basically am one.

The “S” ?

Hitler had the Swastika. Jobs had the Apple.  I have the S.

The S stands for Shipp, which is me.  This symbol will go on to represent my legacy.

The S tapers at the ends in order to reflect balance and harmony between two ends of a single concept, such as good and evil or black and white.  Much like the Taoist Yin-Yang symbol.  This is what I have always been; a mediator between two opposing sides that enables peace and coexistence between them.

I was born on 11/11.  The number 11 has always been significant for me, because it represents a duality; two lines up against each other. The “S” shape is made of two curved lines.  The “S” also represents a sideways symbol for infinity, which is incomplete.  This symbolizes that I will not live forever, but my legacy will be immortal.

You’re crazy.

Yes.  Yes I am.  I’ve grown to accept that.  I've always had big dreams and aspirations that involve setting enormous standards for myself.  Many people have called me crazy in the past, and part of being a superhero is having perseverance and tenacity.  I have a long road ahead of me, and a lot of people will try to put me down.  But as long as I keep the dream alive and believe in my ability to accomplish the seemingly impossible, I think I'll do alright.  My legacy begins here.

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