The Peace Tape

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The Original-

"The Peace Tape" by Paper Rad (2009)

Click Here for Youtube Video of the original piece, Paper Rad's "The Peace Tape" (2009)

Paper Rad's "The Peace Tape" was made in 2009 with dozens of random clips and video animation flashing quickly across the screen to electronic music. To me, the original video created an essence of "culture" or "life", because the clips were so random and were all things that we see in everyday life in this decade. But I also felt that despite the fact that the video was created in 2009, the piece gave off a 90's vibe. I wanted to update the project by bringing it to the present moment.

"....With a title hearkening back to the analog era, The Peace Tape is a frenetic remix of old and new "found" video. Culling his sources from thrift stores (countless straight-to-VHS childrens' programs), the Internet (a single YouTube clip featuring "dog in a dog costume"), and his own designs (flash animation of eyes and mouths, subliminal flickers of text), Ciocci concentrates hours of light entertainment into a dense, four-minute block..."--Jacob Ciocci (see link below)

Click Here to View Web Commentary on Paper Rad's "The Peace Tape"


The Update-

"The Peace Tape" by Missy Conant (2011)

I debated back and forth how to do this for a while, as it was hard for me to come up with a way to update something made so recently. At first I thought I could think of random images from youtube, media, etc., such as let's say, the top 5 famous people, events, pieces of art, places, anything to do with culture flashing across the screen. But I wasn't satisfied with how that was turning out... So then I tried looking at each individual clip in the original video (there were over 100 clips, each around 1 second long), identified what it was, and tried to find an 'equivalent' clip posted on Youtube no earlier than 2011. I realized however that I was simply redoing someone else's work, and felt that the idea was unexciting.
Finally I started taking a look at website like, which allow people to upload .gif files, video files, pictures, music, and art live in the present moment. The great part about these sites is that they contain the most random fragments of digital art, so they were absolutely perfect for me to use.I had to buy a program online that converts .gif files to a video file that I could use in a video editing program. I collected a ton of clips from various websites and put them together to music.
The music in the background is 'Don't be a Slave to No Computer' by Minotaur Shock. Minotaur Shock creates electronic music, and especially captured the feeling of cyberspace that I wanted to the end result of the project.
As an end result, the clips, .gif's, video files, music, and digital art flash across the screen much like the Paper Rad's original video, and yet because these images have circulated through the internet so recently they bring the project to the present day. I hope that after watching the film, viewers will come away with the idea that the updated version of the video speaks more to the present moment.
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