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I am the person that limits my own freedom. I cause the anxiety, the fear, the anger. And sometimes I just want to harm myself. Self-mutilation. There is something liberating about harming oneself. Cutting skin, burning skin, pulling out hair, ingesting harmful substances, self-flagellating, head-banging, eye or ear removal, genital self-mutilation, finger fracturing. There are a lot of ways you can harm yourself. Some are socially acceptable like waxing, plastic surgery, ear-piercing and tattoos. Some like removing your ear are not socially acceptable. 

For my freedom project, I want to create an installation with images of self-mutilation projected and sounds that complement the images (not necessarily the sounds of the mutilation itself). I want to create a space where you feel extremely uncomfortable, where you even feel pain. But its digital pain, not physical pain. Ideally the space would become unbearable after a few minutes. The space should not be confining, it should be liberating. You should stay as long as you need to. You should leave when you need to. 


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