Remaking Perception

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In today's society Facebook is a universal form of voyeurism, or in other words, the ability to project a specific desired person online to the world. In this way, facebook in the past decade that it has been around has generated an enormous hype in the idea that one can change who they are through what they like/post on facebook. Our project thus was a way of describing how perception can be remade. It was very a much a joint effort on both our parts. Together we remade Alex Davies' facebook, changing all aspects of his personality to reflect a persona that was contrasting to his own. For example, we altered his interests, his quotes, his images and his friends. Roberto re-took his profile picture (with the assistance of myself) and we recorded this 'transformation' as it happened and presented it in the form of an installation video.

Instructions for the public, on November 29th, 2011:

Log in to your Facebook.

Search for Alex Davies, from Los Angeles, CA.

Play the video uploaded today,

on full screen.

Instructions for the public on any other day:

Click here to view the documentation for the project.

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