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Vast and overwhelming. 

What strikes me most about the Internet is just how large it is.  There are so many interconnected pages and sites that it is easy to get lost in the flood of information.  I often find myself opening tabs upon tabs in my browser in order to save the pages I want to remember to explore later on, a process that very quickly becomes overwhelming.  As more and more tabs and windows are opened on your screen, you find yourself connected to more and more information.  This is paradoxical because the more information your attempt to examine, the  more and more lost in the storm you become.  The more tabs you open, the less information you can read about what is on each tab; soon you find yourself clicking through each one at random in an attempt to find the page you know you opened somewhere along the way.  Each page on the net is connected to so many others that each new page you visit has the potential to exponentially increase the number of links available to you.  Once you've opened so many tabs, it is extremely easy to become distracted from the task at hand; checking your email leads you to click on the the neighboring Facebook tab which reminds you to check your calendar tab which prompts you to look up the location of an event, and soon you are cascading out of control and forgetting where you were in the first place.

The project.

Deluge is a Chrome Extension that allows you to choose a web page and open it in a new window.  The window then opens a new tab for 25 of the links on the page -- allowing you to see just how far each page can take you into the depths of the Internet.  Emulating personal experience, the rapid torrent of opening tabs quickly become overwhelming, inundating you with flashes of information.  Once all of the tabs have been opened, you can try to be productive again.  You'll fail, however, because every so often a random tab will take focus, pulling you out of your workflow and overwhelming you with the information and possibilities of all of the Internet.


The Chrome Extension is written in Javascript and can be downloaded here.  Unzip the files attempting to install the extension.  It can be installed on a Google Chrome browser by clicking on the "Settings" button the top right side of Chrome; clicking on "Tools > Extensions"; checking "Developer Mode" and then "Load unpacked extension..." and selecting the folder containing the unzipped deluge files. 

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