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Public Privacy

As a sort of continuation of my previous project, The Doppelgänger Update, Public Privacy explores issues of privacy and commerce on Facebook. The ease and accessibility I had in seeing a total stranger's Facebook profile made me think of exploring that with my own. Nowadays, the popular perception on Facebook is that the website is always leaking out our information to third parties and unwanted strangers. Even if we put our settings on the highest level of security, there is still the threat of our information being shared without our knowledge. In addition, Facebook has commercialized privacy in favor of advertisers and large corporations, sharing informational bits of ourselves even through our friends' use of certain applications and habits. Privacy is not exactly private anymore.

And so, in this project, I decided examine the reversal of the common privacy mentality: I made my profile public. Through this project, I examine these questions: instead of worrying about what information strangers are going to see, what would happen if our profiles start out as public ones? Could this possibly create an auto-correcting system in ourselves that checks what we post and say on the internet? Also, what if I allow strangers and third parties to bypass Facebook, the middleman, and see directly my entire profile?


For this project, not only did I make my Facebook public, but I also posted a listing on Facebook's marketplace advertising my switch. For the duration of the listing, which is 30 days, I am going to leave my Facebook profile public. In the spirit of Facebook, I also tailored my typing style to match the commonly seen style on the website.

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