Mario plays Pong while Space Aliens invade you and there's nothing you can do about it

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To me, Freedom is best exemplified by open source culture. Freedom is open source culture. Open source culture runs deeper than simply being able to access and add to the work (and code) of others - it is a philosophy that recognizes that knowledge is free and progress can only be achieved through collaboration. The human condition only moves forward when ideas can be mutually shared. It is inefficient to obstruct and immobilize the flow of information - it constructs artificial barriers that demand everyone start from scratch (instead of using what's already done and focusing resources on improving it). Open source culture also enhances communication - it allows people to interact with other people, eliminating barriers of race, culture, gender and age. Why must art commenting on the human psyche be accessible only to a select few? Why must the work done by one be prevented from being viewed by another who might be able to take it to greater heights? Why must financial or geographical barriers dictate what one can or cannot know?

In keeping with this wonderful ideology, I wish to make a digital patchwork quilt in the form of a game mashup. I wish to make a visual representation of snippets of information scattered all over the internet. The game mashup will bring together code, images and frameworks from Mario, Space Invaders and Pong. The code itself will be a collage comprising of fragments of code found on OpenProcessing - a site devoted to promoting Open Source Culture. The game is a mashup both visually and in its process. It is a visual translation of the presence and distribution of information, the diversity of information and its accessibility. The game will also evoke nostalgia and represent a certain general experience without resorting to particulars. In many ways, the digital patchwork quilt will work as a metaphor for the internet - grandiose and vibrant in its depth. It will serve as a pool for information that is universally accessible and is free to be used in whatever way one chooses. It will be interesting to see how the various constituents of the quilt interact with each other - the code, the literature, the images, the text, the lyrics. Will they come together as a cohesive whole or function as fragmented cultural units? It will also be interesting to see how people traverse the quilt in their readings - how they choose to navigate the information overload, and in doing so, what paths they construct.

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